Crystal Blue 75

Contemporary films have always been dark in order to block heat and improve occupant comfort until now. Utilizing our IR coating technology, the Crystal Blue 80 is virtually transparent but provides effective protection against Infra-red and UV light, making it ideal for windshields.

Since it is not made with metals, it has almost no reflectivity and there is no concern for interference with cell phones or your car’s modern devices. Crystal Blue 80 provides superior optical clarity with a cool light-blue hue to complement any car.

  • Improves comfort by reducing heat
  • Non-metalized construction eliminates signal interference
  • Improves personal safety by blocking 99% of UVA & UVB rays
  • Reduces glare and fading of vehicle’s interior
  • Lessens eye fatigue
  • Lifetime warranty

Please contact your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure it will comply with all restrictions.

Nanoceramic tint for cars