Usa Solarmax USA proudly offers a manufacturer-backed, nation-wide warranty on all of its window films. Each film type carries a warranty that is specific to its design and application type. You should consult your local authorized Usa Solarmax USA dealer to ensure your application and warranty coverage conform to our guidelines, as well as your requirements.

This warranty coverage starts at date of installation and is valid for the term indicated for film and application type. Expressed and Implied warranties, as well as the warranty of merchantability become VOID if installation violates any law or regulation of the state where it may be used. ONLY those window films that are in compliance with state or local laws are covered by this warranty.

Usa Solarmax USA is not responsible for any losses and/or damages caused as a result of any illegally installed window film. Usa Solarmax USA is not liable for any loss and/or damage as a result of poor installation quality, improper maintenance, cleaning abuse, glass breakage, and/or non complying uses of the film.

Important Information:

Trace amounts of water will always remain after installation and it must dry-out completely before the films mounting adhesive can thoroughly bond to the glass. The length of dry-out time is determined by heat, humidity, and the type of film installed. Metalized, High Performance films dry-out slower compared to non-metalized, dyed films. During the dry-out time, it is normal for a slight moisture-haze to appear for up to 2 weeks while it dries. Do not worry it will clear. During the dry-out time, it is also possible for tiny water bubbles to collect - do not touch them, they will clear on their own. If bubbles have not dried after 2 weeks, return to your installer for service.

Cleaning Procedures:

A few drops of liquid dish soap and water, used in a spray bottle, will clean your window film and keep it new for years. You should always use a non-abrasive cloth to clean your window film. NEVER use scrubbers, steel wool, or textured cloth to clean with.