TSF/IGU Warranty

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If TSF or IGU seal failure occurs as a direct result of an approved film-to-glass installation, Nexfil USA will replace the broken glass and the window film per the limits expressly stated within this warranty. This TSF / IGU limited warranty starts from the date the Nexfil USA window film was installed and applies to thermal shock fracture and/or IGU seal failure resulting from an approved film-to-glass installation. The proper film-to-glass application can be found on the specification sheets for each film or by using the Film-To-Glass Installation Chart provided by Nexfil USA.


This TSF / IGU warranty IS NOT VALID if the window manufacturer's TSF and/or IGU seal failure warranty expires prior to installation. Furthermore, this warranty shall not create new, or extend coverage beyond the window manufacturer's original TSF / IGU seal failure warranty term limits. To validate this TSF / IGU coverage, Buyer must produce documentation proving their window manufacturer's TSF / IGU seal failure warranty coverage is valid and in full force. If the Buyer fails to produce in-force window manufacturer documentation, this limited warranty becomes void. TSF / IGU warranty coverage begins on the date of installation and IS NOT transferable. Claims against this TSF / IGU warranty shall not extend or renew its duration or renew the duration of the window manufacturer's TSF / IGU seal failure warranty.

Nexfil USA expressly limits its liability under this warranty to repair and/or replacement of the broken glass, the failed IGU, and the Nexfil USA product. Nexfil USA assumes no responsibility for any loss arrising out of, or resulting from the Dealer's failure to follow industry accepted installation standards or failure to adhere to Nexfil USA film-to-glass installation guidance.


TSF and/or IGU warranty claims must be approved must be authorized by a Nexfil USA representative prior to commencement of any warranty service. TSF and/or IGU seal failure warranty claims are subject to a total claim payout limit of $500 per window, including costs for replacement glass, film, and related labor charges. There is a $50 deductible per window. In the event that glass or an IGU requires replacement under the terms and conditions of this TSF / IGU warranty, Nexfil USA will attempt to provide an identical replacement.. However, when an identical replacement is not available , Nexfil USA will, at its sole discretion, provide the closest match available.