Black IR Coated

Nexfil Black IR Coated films offer owners a film with great Infra-red rejection while remaining more economically priced. Also made with our market-leading IR coating technology, these films offer the same level of performance found in metal-based films without  the risk of interference to GPS, TPMS, and other modern technologies in today's automobiles.

Provides optimum heat rejection without the risk of interference to GPS, TPMS, and navigation caused by traditional metal-based films.

  • Improves comfort due to its high heat reduction
  • Improves personal safety by blocking 99% of UVA & UVB rays
  • Reduces glare and fading of vehicle’s interior
  • Offers IR rejection up to 50%
  • Non-metalized construction eliminates signal interference
  • Lifetime warranty

Available in 50%, 35%, 20%, and 05%

Nanoceramic tint for cars